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One Way Street Tokyo is an Asian interest bookstore located in Tokyo, Japan. 

Situated in an international city with an important historical tradition of engagement with the Asian world, One Way Street inherits, embraces and embodies this spirit. 

At its core, One Way Street aims to be the most authoritative Asian interest bookstore. It provides a unique and comprehensive collection of multilingual books related to the history and culture of Asia, including in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, with view to its mission of breaking down cultural prejudices, and fostering new possibilities for enriching understandings of both the diversity and interconnectedness of Asian culture. 

One Way Street Tokyo is more than a bookstore. Through hosting regular events with high-profile speakers from around the world, including authors, scholars and artists, One Way Street is a unique space for promoting international cultural exchange, discussion and debate. It will be a rich and novel addition to the cultural life of Tokyo, and is poised to become a must-visit cultural hotspot both for locals and international visitors.

Through these cultural events, One Way Street will serve as a unique window into the diverse forms of thought and lifestyles of Asian countries, and play a key role in invigorating and strengthening civilian cultural dialogues between Japan, China, Korea and other Asian countries.

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  • After Leaving
    The article posted today was originally supposed to be included in One Way Street 16 New Beijinger. It is a collection of four small chronicles of Beijing by Wei Yi. Each set of chronicles starts with a landmark: Tianqiao, Huaqiao Building, Temple of Earth, and Zhongnanhai. They are not just landmarks, they carry the complex trajectories of people’s lives and the historical changes of Beijing, touching on the hidden illnesses and dark pains of the city, like the wind whistling over the cold night, leaving behind a few light or heavy sighs and emotions.